Our goal is to decrease hypo & hyper glycemia, simulating the physiological function of the pancreas.


We measure important parameters to adapt the therapy for each patient and each moment.

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Get back your blood sugar control once and for all.

Easily log in to your daily, weekly and monthly charts. Not only stratified glucose measurements can be displayed, also elements like insulin, meals, sports, temperature and different events can be accessed from the user's profile.

Automatically export all your data, sorted as you prefer, with just one click. Choose from our various formats and layouts to best fit your needs and ease your doctor's job.

YOUR information. Always. All devices.

Our fully personalized algorithm will focus on your specific information to design the best therapy and give advice on how to improve healthcare through lifestyle interventions and bolus estimates based on its learning process.

Either at home or travelling, you will be able to securely access to your charts wherever you are. Do it safely, do it comfortably. Access your real time data on all your devices whenever you want.

Artificial Pancreas Device

Learning algorithm to outsmart diabetes.

Our innovative cloud system is responsible for modifying your curve analysis according to your usual behavior and the value of various variables (such as temperature, blood pressure or heart rate), thus adjusting the treatment specifically for you and for each moment and releasing your mind from the dose calculations.

  • Intuitive users interface for easy access.
  • Board of achievements to empower yourself, promoting learning through gamification.
  • Achieving a better control is now easier than ever.

We love to hear from the patients. Since you are the ones who will use it, we would love input from you first to best determine whether it fits your individual needs. We would be glad if you could answer our quick form. Thanks in advance.

To make manual inputs disappear bringing the commodity of an automatic solution.

We will partner with the top selling sensor brands to make a fully connected automatic system. It will be composed of a continuous glucose monitor and a wristband-like device.

We are trying to reach agreements with the most innovative brands developing continuous glucose monitors, to be able to offer a complete analysis system that clears up all your needs.

We will also offer a wristband-like device with various sensors which measure parameters that influence the glucose curve, allowing your interaction and communicating with the algorithm to show the most accurate decision at all times.

Furthermore, it will be able to save measurements in case the device is offline, to ensure the correct analysis and guaranteeing nothing gets lost.

Changing the game with the first non invasive device.

Small and comfortable patch responsible for supplying insulin transdermally, in a completely non-invasive manner that allows your comfort and asepsis , forgetting the uncomfortable insulin pumps and pens and the social problems they cause.

By opening a micro-pore on the upper layer of the skin, it will deliver the insulin to the subcutaneous tissue. The pore is so thin that not even a virus could go through it, only tiny molecules.

With its innovative design, it will offer the possibility of changing it when necessary, by removing the system from the sticker and placing it on a new one. It will also allow the insulin reservoir refill whenever is needed.

Thanks to its learning modular algorithm and the integrated system, it will be able to prevent from hyper and hypoglycemias better than any of the current treatment solutions (even during night time).

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